Remain relevant and maintain a winning culture in today’s marketplace

About Our Services

Gor Q Management Systems was created with the sole purpose of assisting organisations that realised Quality is going to be the main active ingredient to take their business to the next strategic level. Partnering with Gor Q Management Systems will allow your company the opportunity to remain competitive, remain relevant and maintain a winning culture in today’s marketplace. Gor Q Management Systems offers its clients not only an opportunity to accelerate their project deliverables, but to enhance their capabilities and efficiencies. 

Provide customised solutions specific to the organisation contracted to.

Total project and company confidentiality assured.

On-Time Delivery of Project Activity.

Guaranteed Return on Investment.

Lean Quality System Design and integration capabilities with multiple international standards.

Removal of non-value-added processes.

Develop a good working relationship with staff to obtain buy in and implement world best practices.

Project Management system implementation plan includes compliance matrix and progress tracking.

Broad-based industry experience to enable cross-functional interaction of Quality System.

Work carried out will be in alignment with the ethos of Gor Q Management Systems i.e.  high standard, integrity, objectivity, professional competence and behaviour and confidentiality.  

Benefits of Gor Q Management Systems